Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday, July 18, 2011

Introducing...Boo, the newest little sister

Jon and I have been killing ourselves to fence in our backyard so we could get a puppy. My dad came up and helped us figure out the gates, and we finished it a couple of weeks ago. Then, there was the year-long debate about which breed to get. Scole was as close to human as a dog can get, and there is really nothing we love more than Labs, but non-shedding was at the top of my list. We finally settled on a Labradoodle (part Lab, part Standard poodle). We drove almost to Cookeville yesterday and picked her out. She was the biggest girl they had left and we loved her. We named her "Boo." Partly inspired by Monsters, Inc. and partly just because we loved it and thought it fit her. The girls are loving her and so far, she is a great puppy.

All worn out from playing hard on her first night at home.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

it's a girl!

Jacqueline Elise Stevens
7 lbs 9 oz
born June 22

Branson & Kristin had a perfect little baby girl this week. The girls are so excited to have a little girl cousin. She is precious!

Getting to hold her for the first time.

Beach 2011 (& a few things before)

We finally broke ground on our fence. We're hoping to finish it up this summer & get a puppy!!! We are missing having a dog around here.

We were completely taken over by cicadas here. They even came up THROUGH our aggregate driveway that has been here for 20+ years. Unbelievable.

Lilly finished Kindergarten. It flew by faster than I ever could have imagined. Mrs. Austin gave them "candy awards" and Lilly got the "Sweet Tart" award for being sweet :) She was so proud and had such a fantastic year. We're going to miss Mrs. Austin!

Lots of lazy afternoons watching cartoons or movies in mommy's bed after being worn out from swimming and playing outside in the heat.
Lost another tooth--#4!

Playing with cousins. I love the way Lilly says his name--sounds like "John Who-ston."

AND finally...THE BEACH!!!!!!!!
Mamie loved playing in the sand

Swimsuit models ;-)

Lilly & Frances played in the waves forever

Mamie loved jumping over the waves

The crew (minus Drew) before Emily and Lowrie came down
Poor Cal was totally outnumbered by the girls, but they all played together and had fun.

We got to meet up with the Gibbs' for dinner one night at Harbor Docks.
I know the server was delighted to hear we had NINE kids.

Checking out the boats & hermit crabs

Waiting for a table at Pompano's

Sweet little girls

Met the Byrds for dinner--VERY hot, but fun.
and 10 kids this night :)

at the Track--Mamie and Grant riding the planes because they were too little to do the bumper cars.

Daddy and Lilly on the bumper cars

with Jason & Cal

hilarious group shot--not sure why Grant was doing this, but it's pretty funny.

Daddy & his girls right before we got rained out on the wood track

Lilly, Olivia & Cal

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Easter Potato

So, I was cooking dinner on the Saturday night before Easter Sunday. I was talking to Jon who was in the den with the girls and telling him to talk to them about the story of Jesus and the resurrection, and about why we celebrate Easter. As I am telling him this, I cut open a potato and found this inside. It blew me away.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

ready for spring...

Over spring break we went to visit my parents for a few days. The weather was gorgeous, and we spent lots of time playing outside, going to the park, and going out to eat. My mom took Lilly to get her first major haircut while we were there--she had about 5-6 inches cut off. It looks so much better! My dad and I took the girls to the science museum in Huntsville one afternoon. They loved it.
on the big swing with a magnet underneath

playing with the floating balls


the earthquake simulator--Lilly was very interested in this after seeing all the footage from Japan :(

and the most popular exhibit--the "toot machine"

We (meaning Jon) planted tulips this year for the first time. They are so pretty and we are enjoying watching them bloom. They are one of my favorite flowers.

Lilly finally got "Stripes!" She has been DYING to bring the class tiger home all year and finally got her chance this weekend. We of course had to immediately take him to our favorite place--Krispy Kreme!

...and camp out in the playroom

and make muffins

and play games

Posing by the tulips on a very chilly March morning!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Roll Tide

Zach & Kim had an event to go to the other night and several college mascots were there. They took the girls in and let them have their picture made with Big Al. Unfortunately, I think Aubie was a little more entertaining and the girls came home talking about how funny he was. I won't post the pictures Zach took of my ALABAMA girls with that tiger. ;-)