Sunday, November 30, 2008

we're thankful for...

our new house!!! We bought the house that Jon lived in in college and are currently in the middle of renovating and adding on to it. It's quite a big project--it needed pretty much everything.
We are hoping to be in it by early spring. We're so excited and I'm so busy!

this will be the girls' bathroom. yes, that's daylight you see through the "floor"

Lilly and Mamie playing in the backyard :) looks safe, right?

our future addition

the elf on a shelf

We have an elf at our house! Do any of you have one too? He just appeared the other night to keep an eye on Lilly and Mamie and report back to Santa Claus. Lilly named him Twinkle (after first naming him Cal and Ellie for a brief time). Every morning, he's in a new spot! This morning we found him peeking at Mamie in her bedroom.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

safety first

At the Carman house, we are clearly very safety conscious. A couple of weeks ago while I was cooking dinner, I heard hysterical laughing in the den. I peeked around the corner to see Mamie climbing up and over the back of the couch onto the bookshelf behind it, turning around backwards, and doing a back dive onto the couch. I immediately freaked out and fussed at her, thinking she was going to break her neck, and Lilly then informed me that it's Mamie's "trick." Great. So where have I been? Anyway, she knows she isn't supposed to do it anymore, but she sneaks and tries to do it whenever I am out of the room. I caught her doing this today while I was folding clothes.

I didn't capture the grand finale, but it ends with another back flip off the couch and onto the floor.

Friday, November 21, 2008


Well, Kelly has tagged me to do something strange. I'm just sorry mine wasn't more interesting! You are supposed to take the fourth picture from your fourth folder of pictures. Mine is kind of weird. This is a picture of Lilly's hair when they fixed it at Livi's birthday party in October. It was the cutest party. She had it at Sweet and Sassy and the girls got dressed up like princesses, got their hair, make-up, fingernails AND toenails done, and had a little fashion show. Lilly loved it. Anyway, I was taking pictures of how they did her hair so I could recreate it for Jeff and Kellye's wedding (yeah right). I wish I had a side-by-side comparison. I don't think I could get a job at Sweet and Sassy. I am clearly not qualified. Anyway, that's what my fourth/fourth picture was :)

Now I tag Courtney (who has probably 40 folders of pictures :), Angie, Kim, and Chesley.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

trick or treat

We had a busy and CANDY-FILLED Halloween. The girls went as Dorothy (thanks DeeDee!) and the Cowardly Lion. Lilly was so excited about her costume. I just tried to steer her away from being a princess again this year, but I had no idea she would get so excited about being Dorothy. Mamie absolutely hated her costume (screaming and flailing on the floor) until she realized that she got candy when she had it on. Then she wanted it on all the time. She's been waking up in the mornings asking for candy first thing. She is all about the candy.

At trunk or treat at Brentwood Hills with our friend (who we didn't get any pictures of :) Cal the fireman and his cute little sister the dalmatian

Lilly's class party at school

Lilly's class with Mrs. Sandra and her husband, Grumpy :)

This year we were seriously spoiled as far as trick-or-treating goes. Cade invited Lilly and Mamie to ride on his "hayride." There were twinkle lights on the trailer, blankets and hay! I don't know if the girls will ever want to go back to walking again :) We definitely had the fanciest trailer in the neighborhood--thanks Clark!

Cade and Mamie led the way to the candy. Cade literally fell inside the door at this house when Mrs. Carol opened the door!

our cuddly lion and the cutest little chicken

Dorothy and Toto thoroughly enjoyed the ride

Happy Halloween from Lilly, Mamie, and Scole!