Friday, February 15, 2008

Will I ever blog again?

Maybe not. I am so behind I think it would take me all day to catch up. I have missed posting BOTH girls' birthdays, Mamie starting to walk (about a month ago), our first and probably only snow of the year, and numerous other things that I have to post about since I am using this as a scrapbook of sorts. It has been so crazy here--we've had four trips to the doctor since I last posted. Mamie has had an ear infection, cold/cough, and last but certainly not least, the lovely "hand foot & mouth" virus. Lilly has had a horrible fever and has been coughing herself to death. Jon spent three days in a feverish coma on the couch. He tried to go to the Walgreen's clinic and it was closed due to illness. Seriously. For our last visit to the pediatrician, they had to work us in because all 8 doctors were completely booked and I sat on the FLOOR of the waiting room because it was so crowded. I had something, but who has time to be sick when everyone in your house is sick? So, that's why I haven't exactly been keeping up with things lately. And, sorry, but you will be seeing two-month old pictures from Chuck-E-Cheese when I finally get the time and energy to sit down and post.