Wednesday, August 12, 2009

now accepting visa, mastercard, and mutilated binkies

I am ashamed to admit it, but Mamie still had a binky until today. I had snipped it down to a little stump in MAY, and still she sucked it. She loved it. Jon told me I broke her little heart when I cut it with the scissors. When I say "I cut it," I actually mean the "binky fairy made the top fall off." Anyway, there's something about letting your second one stay a baby a little bit longer because you know how fast it is all going to go by. But this week I told myself that it had to go. Wearing panties and sucking a pacifier don't really go together. This afternoon we went to Toys R Us to shop for some new toys. Did you know that they accept binkies as a form of payment? (Thank you Kelly Austin for cluing me in on this little secret ;-)
We browsed the entire store and sweet little Mamie finally picked out a new baby doll with a sling and a purple plastic baby doll bathtub--2 binkies=2 new toys. At the checkout she paid the man with her 2 precious binky nubs.
Tonight when I put her to bed we read a book, said a prayer, and she went right to sleep with her new baby named Lexi and didn't make a peep! I should have done it months ago.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

THE haircut

Today Mamie had her first haircut. Given by her four-year-old sister. With safety scissors.
We were getting ready for gymnastics and I was on the phone when I saw Mamie walk by. I first noticed all the hair stuck all over the back of her leotard. Then my eyes went up to her head. I picked her up and started feeling it to see how bad it was, and clumps of her sweet curly hair started falling off into my hands. I started almost crying, yelling at her, "Why did you cut your hair? Why?" Then she told me, "Wiwwy did it." Then, my emotion turned to rage.
The pictures really don't do it justice. I know it's only hair, but it makes me so sad. She had precious chin-length curly hair that had taken so long to grow anyway. Lilly cut the right side of her hair basically off. Right above her ear is ridiculously short--not even an inch in places. I took these pictures after I took her to Sweet & Sassy to get it salvaged. I didn't want Lilly to have the satisfaction of me taking pictures of what she did to Mamie, so I don't have any "before" pictures. She has a comb over now to get some hair on the right side, and they had to cut the back really short and make it really layered to camouflage the damage.

You can see the curls peeking around from the left side of her head in the back. Sniff. No more pigtails for us for a while.

On a sweet sisterly note, the night before the haircut, Jon went in to check on the girls before he went to bed and came back in the den saying, "you didn't tell me they were sleeping together tonight!" That's because I didn't know they were! Lilly snuck into Mamie's bed at some point and they were all snuggled up together. It was so cute. Lilly usually won't sleep with ANYONE. She doesn't even let me sleep with her if we are traveling or at my mom and dad's house. They slept like that all night long.
What are you dreaming about, Lilly? Owning your own salon?