Saturday, February 20, 2010

mamie sister is 3 (sniff sniff)

Mamie sister (my little baby) turned three last Friday. She was almost my valentine baby. We woke her up early before Jon went to work on her birthday so she could open her gifts. The girls and I were heading to Huntsville for the weekend after school, so that was the only time that her daddy could see her open everything. I love her crazy bedhead.
I can't believe she is already three. She has the funniest little personality and everywhere we go someone says something about her croaky little voice. She is so different from her big sister, but still likes to copy everything Lilly does. She is so cuddly and always comes and finds me to tell me she loves me and wants a hug or a kiss. She is not at all interested in learning anything (letters, her name, etc) from me--I am hoping preschool will help that some next fall. At this age, Lilly would have liked to sit and play school all day long. Mamie LOVES coloring, hard puzzles, all of her babies and their strollers, blankets, bottles, etc, puppy dogs, and Scooby Doo. She tries to wear her red cow sweater every day of her life and loves sleeping in her footie "tajamas." She will not dress up in any dress-up clothes even though Lilly has about 5 wardrobe changes minimum per day. She is a very picky eater and her teachers probably think I am a weirdo based on what I send in her lunchbox. She hates peanut butter, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, milk, beef, deli meat, all sandwiches, most vegetables, etc. She loves strange things like pickles, hard-boiled and scrambled eggs, ham (has to be baked--not deli meat), guacamole, salsa, fish, baby spinach with lots of dressing on it, popcorn, chips, almost all fruits--especially kiwi, and unfortunately pop-tarts are her breakfast of choice. I try to sneak in scrambled eggs and fruit, but she has a serious craving for cinnamon pop-tarts first thing in the morning. I love you sweet little Mamie sister.

a ring like Lilly's and some silly bands!

Mamie LOVES Handy Manny. She and Lilly have been "fixing" lots of things around the house with Mamie's new tools :)

And, Mamie also found out she was allergic to penicillin for her birthday. Isn't this pitiful? She got a horrible ear infection the week before and then we discovered that she had developed an allergy to penicillin. She was covered in this rash from head to toe and couldn't even sleep at night. The picture really doesn't do it justice. I guess I should be glad it wasn't a worse reaction.

Monday, February 1, 2010


I didn't believe the weathermen when they said it. I doubted we would see a flake. I was very wrong. I should have known it would snow since we had a birthday party planned for the girls. Of course it had to be canceled. Lilly and Mamie didn't seem to care at all--they were so excited about the snow, I could have told them Christmas was canceled (anyone else watch Modern Family?). Anyway, we have had a blast playing in it. I love snow. I keep telling the girls they better remember it because they might not ever see this much snow again in Nashville.

These pictures were from the first day (Friday) while it was still snowing.

Mamie kept picking up chunks of snow and saying, "Popsicle!" and trying to eat it. Or she would just try to crawl around like the dog eating it off the ground. Really. I even caught her eating it off of her boots in the car and after we had come inside more than once.

Scole was excited about the snow--he jumped around in it like a puppy.

Of course, even in the snow, she still wanted to swing.

Our back steps.

Bundled up in the car on our way to sled with Hollis.

Thank goodness the snow came on a weekend Jon was off of work. I would have been so sad if he had to work and miss sledding and playing in the snow with the girls.

Sunday Jeff and Kellye had us all over for lunch and sledding. They have the best hill--and the best way to get back up the hill :)

Crytal (Zach's sister) came and took all these great action shots of the sledding.

Zach and Hollis

Jon and Lilly spinning sideways down the hill in this picture. Jon always seems to hold one hand up like he is riding a bull. Our little green sled was hard to control.

Kellye took Lilly down a million times :)

Kristin and Lilly hitting one of the jumps Jon made at the bottom of the hill

Zach and Lilly went all the way into the bushes.

racing :)

no one could beat that crazy metal coke sign Jeff is on.

Me, Kristin, Branson, and Zach crammed on the big orange sled.

Can you tell we were going fast? Riding with Jon was the scariest ride of the day.

Mamie and mommy. She only sledded a few times on Sunday before wanting to go in and play with Kellye's little puppy in the house. Oh, AND color all over herself with a highlighter.

This pretty much sums it up. She is a MESS.

I can't leave her alone for a second these days without finding something crazy like lotion or marker all over something.

Ready to sled. After watching the news about all the head injuries from sledding on Saturday, I broke out the bike helmets for the girls on Sunday.

Branson and Jon had the craziest ride of the day. Jon is holding his arm and hand that he crushed on the ice. I asked Branson if he wanted to go down with me after that and he said, "Once you go Jon, you never go back."

our little houseguest

Saturday night, Hollis got to come stay with us overnight for the first time. The girls were SO excited and they all had so much fun.

you have to keep an eye on these two...

Come back again soon Hollis!