Tuesday, March 31, 2009

who's afraid of the big bad...kitty cat?

Mamie certainly is. Sunday night she had her third nighmare about a "kitty cat." Of all things to be scared of. When I say nightmare, I mean primal screaming, clutching to me like a little monkey, and wide awake for the next three hours. She woke up at midnight and I tried until 3 o'clock to get her to go back to sleep. I even put her in our bed at 2 am. She wanted to sit bolt upright in bed and just kept saying there was a kitty cat in her room, or "kitty cat gonna bite my leg" or "kitty cat gonna get me, mommy." It was pitiful, hilarious, and very frustrating all at the same time. Does anyone else have any experience with this? I didn't know two year-olds had nightmares like that.

Monday, March 16, 2009

a few pictures

I finally have a few pictures--minus the girls' rooms and the den. I feel like I need to say thank you to so many people--my mom and dad for helping us tremendously throughout the whole process, to Sassy for keeping the girls for us all the time and helping me get the house (and windows!) clean to move in, to all of Jon's siblings and spouses for showing up to help us move, to Kathy for staying here and helping me unpack and get things arranged and decorated, and to Jon for always humoring me and putting up with my insane scedules and moving furniture back and forth from room to room for me so I can decide where I want it. I love you all and we appreciate everything so much!
Now that my Oscar speech is out of the way...

My mom entertaining the girls at the "fixin house" as they called it. CJ spoils them rotten. She always shows up with a bag of goodies and presents.
My sweet dad putting on our front door lock before we moved in. What I would give right now to have that hideous yellow dumpster back in my life. We have a driveway full of garbage. We filled up six of those babies, by the way.

"I helpin' mommy."

the "cozy" (aka small) playroom

the office area off of the kitchen

Our refrigerator.
The people that bought our old house wanted ours, so we are keeping the one that was here. I think it's had a hard life. Are you jealous? I think it's hilarious.

kitchen and dining room

the girls' bathroom

our bedroom

our bathroom
I still have a lot to do in here--seal the floors, get a rug, paint the sconces, get a shower door...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

never moving again...

We are officially moved in. I think I will want to live in this house until I die just to avoid ever having to do this again. I have equated moving into this house to trying to fit a 500 pound woman into a size 2 dress--lots of stuff and a smaller house. There is definitely a big garage sale in the works. I'll post pictures later--when I finally get all the boxes and bags out of the way.
Just a couple of things that have happened since we moved in:

Scole threw up ALL over the brand new (less than a week old) carpet in the playroom while we were gone. Lovely.

Mamie has successfully transistioned to her big-girl bed and has slept in it two nights without waking up or crying.

Just a funny...yesterday when we were unpacking some boxes Lilly came across the phone book and said, "Hey mom, here's the pizza ordering book. Don't lose that. You need it to order pizzas."
Sounds like someone needs to start cooking again.