Sunday, March 27, 2011

ready for spring...

Over spring break we went to visit my parents for a few days. The weather was gorgeous, and we spent lots of time playing outside, going to the park, and going out to eat. My mom took Lilly to get her first major haircut while we were there--she had about 5-6 inches cut off. It looks so much better! My dad and I took the girls to the science museum in Huntsville one afternoon. They loved it.
on the big swing with a magnet underneath

playing with the floating balls


the earthquake simulator--Lilly was very interested in this after seeing all the footage from Japan :(

and the most popular exhibit--the "toot machine"

We (meaning Jon) planted tulips this year for the first time. They are so pretty and we are enjoying watching them bloom. They are one of my favorite flowers.

Lilly finally got "Stripes!" She has been DYING to bring the class tiger home all year and finally got her chance this weekend. We of course had to immediately take him to our favorite place--Krispy Kreme!

...and camp out in the playroom

and make muffins

and play games

Posing by the tulips on a very chilly March morning!!!