Thursday, January 29, 2009

we have walls!

These pictures are actually a couple of weeks old. It has actually been cleaned up a lot since these were taken. The drywall is finally done and they are putting in our brick floors this week! Cabinets should go in Monday and then trim and I can finally see the end in sight! I will definitely be spending Super Bowl Sunday vacuuming up all the dust from sanding the drywall and cutting brick for the floors (which of course they did in our bedroom--where else would you set up your tile saw?) We're so excited and ready for it all to be done!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

my little lillybug is 4

I know everyone says it and it's so cliche, but I really can't believe that I have a four-year old. It just doesn't feel like she should be that old yet. I couldn't ask for a sweeter, more precious little girl. She is seeming so grown up lately and has such a prissy little personality.

What she's doing now that I love:
Loves writing her letters and her whole name, which she usually writes "Lilly Carmlan."
Always colors and makes pictures for us. Sometimes I'll even find her in the den early in the morning before anyone is awake, just coloring by herself.
Sings and dances ALL the time, usually standing on a "stage" with very dramatic movements and gestures. Her favorite song to sing is "Part of your world" from the Little Mermaid.
Changes clothes at least five or six times a day. She usually plans the entire time we're out somewhere about what she's going to wear when she gets home. We'll be pulling into Target parking lot, and this is what I hear, "Mommy, when we get home can I put on my button skirt and my pink t-shirt with the writing on it?" She has usually stripped down to her underwear by the time I have unloaded my stuff from the car.
We have hundreds of books from when I taught, but Lilly has one children's Bible that she is obsessed with and we read EVERY night. I even got her a new one for Christmas because I am so exhausted from the other one, but no luck. Could be worse, I know :)
When I am cleaning or doing things at home, she calls me like she needs something and when I go see what she wants, she just says, "I love you."
Draws pictures and gathers up toys all the time and wants to mail them to kids who don't have any toys.
Still says "fings" and "anyfing" instead of "things" and "anything."
Is a great big sister and loves helping Mamie (most of the time).
Has picked up on me using the phrase "blah blah blah" and "so..." when I am talking to other adults and now she uses them when she is talking. Example of what she says, "So, me and Cal were playing cars, blah blah blah, and so." and then usually does a little laugh, shakes her head, and rolls her eyes at the end of her sentence. Very teenagery and scary.
Loves going to school so much she screams and squeals when she knows she gets to go the next day.
Loves to cuddle in the mornings with a cup of OJ and watch cartoons.
Is known to pitch a BIG fit about what clothes mommy wants her to wear.
We love you so much Lilly! Life sure would be boring without you!

At her "party" at school. Lilly helped me make princess cupcakes for her class.

Sharing her "Me" bag that they get to fill up and take on their birthday in Mrs. Sandra's class.

Opening presents at home.

Cruising in their new car in below-freezing weather. Tuesday was not the best day for that gift.

This year, we decided to save money and not have a big birthday party. Lilly got to have her party at school and then we took her to Chuck-E-Cheese Tuesday night to celebrate. I never want to go on the weekend again. It was wonderful--there was no one there.

My friend Elisabeth made her a fabulous Ariel cake

Lilly and I competing in a serious waverunner competition

I think I could develop a serious skee-ball addiction. I could have played it all night long. It brought back memories of my roller-skating days.

house update

Or should I say mud hole update? I have never seen so much rain. I feel like we have been going in slow motion with our renovation because of the weather. It is so frustrating. I can't even tell where the driveway or sidewalks start or stop--they are buried under mud. Everything is buried under mud. I feel like it will be at least a year before Lilly and Mamie can even walk in the yard--we'll probably have to get some rubber boots for Scole.
Today I cried on the phone to an inspector (it actually worked). Let's just say it's been a frustrating process trying to pass inspections and get things going so we can move in as soon as possible.

I have learned 5 important things so far:
1. I should have taken Spanish. (this could actually be numbers 1-5)
2. It is impossible to budget in every little thing you will need to spend money on.
3. If you think you need one dumpster, you will actually fill up FIVE.
4. Every single time you get to a house with no plumbing, your kids will immediately have to use the bathroom.
5. Stripping wallpaper is miserable. Completely miserable.

our future bedroom--a new window where there once was a door

our kitchen. can you believe what a mess the walls are? that's what new plumbing and wiring does to your lovely plaster walls.

our new bathroom

Friday, January 2, 2009

Got Mike?

We do. "Pure Mike" to be exact. Mamie was playing with this while I was talking on the phone today and when I saw it I burst out laughing. It came with Lilly's cash register she got from CJ and Pop for Christmas. Any guesses as to where this toy was made? I thought it was pretty funny.