Saturday, August 30, 2008


What a fabulous start to a holiday weekend...Alabama just beat Clemson 34 to 10 in their season opener. Oh, to have a great season. I can't say that I remember what that feels like. I love football time (and John Parker Wilson)!
Did I say Roll Tide?

Sunday, August 24, 2008

beach trip 2008

I know I am posting way too many pictures, but I have such a hard time deciding which ones to use. We just got back from a week in Destin at Jon's parents' house with the Hollands and the Wells. It was much more relaxing this year than last. I almost got a good tan this year! All of the kids (5 of them) played really well together and loved the pool and beach. Lilly and Mamie would have stayed in the water all day if we had let them. I celebrated my birthday while we were there and Jon got me an awesome new camera (and flowers :). I can actually take pictures of things when they happen and not ten seconds afterwards. We had a fabulous time and ate a lot of great food. We can't wait to go back in a couple of months for Jon's brother, Jeff, and Kellye's wedding! Thank you, Sassy and Papa Al for letting us use your house!

Jon and I at the Crab Trap

Courtney and I at the Red Bar

Lexi and Mamie sharing the chair and reading a good book about farm animals

Lilly getting ready to ride the go-carts with daddy--scared to death

one of the many kiddie rides we rode at the Track

Lilly flying the airplane with Will in the back and Mamie next to her, crying

everybody liked the swings...but we must have our binky

This was definitely the favorite ride of the night. They all laughed their heads off on this one.

Go-carts the 2nd time around with mommy. Lilly was dying to go this time.

Four of the five in the surf--Lexi was not a fan of the sand.

Lilly and Cal

sandy sisters

Mamie and her swimmies--she would just jump in off the side and take off by herself all over the pool. No fear.

swimming to the side so I can do it again...

Lilly didn't venture into open water too much without the fish float, but she loved the pool

my birthday dinner at Louisiana Lagniappe

an attempt at a group shot in the pool

We were all laughing--Mamie would not stand still for a picture

Mamie, Lilly, and Cal

Mamie & daddy

Lilly showing her shells to Will

The whole crew

mamie @ 18 months

here's what's going on with Mamie at 18 months:

is 95th percentile for height
is 25th percentile for weight
love, love, LOVES her bunny and her binky
is into EVERYTHING--especially the pantry, shoes, and toothpaste
has "baboon-like strength"--this is an official medical diagnosis from Dr. Wells :)
is climbing everything, including out of her bed
loves playing with babies, strollers, books, dress-up clothes, puzzles, and play-doh
is talking a lot and saying a few short sentences like "i want see-ul (cereal) mommy."
is opening doors
will NOT drink cold milk or milk from a sippy cup (this one is pretty embarassing)
loves to cuddle when she wakes up :)
tries to do anything her big sister does

we love you little mamie sister!


Did anyone notice that this post disappeared? Jon "accidentally" deleted it trying to get rid of a picture of himself. Pretty funny... Anyway, I want this in my "blurb" book when I do it, so here it is again. I promise I am not crazy.
My parents took us all to Chattonooga the first weekend in August. We went to the Creative Discovery Museum, Aquarium, rode on the Duck ride, and of course ate lots of wonderful food! We all had a blast (even though my poor mother had shingles and was not feeling so hot) and definitely want to go back again. It is the greatest city for kids--there is so much for them to do and we stayed right downtown and walked everywhere we went. Lilly has not stopped talking about Chattonooga since we got back. I would highly recommend it to anyone. We also got to see Casey and Henley while we were there. They went on the Duck tour and ate lunch with us. I hadn't seen little Henley since she was four months old--she is precious and had changed so much since I had seen her. Lilly was silly over her--hugging on her the entire time.

Lilly inside a huge bubble in front of the Creative Discovery Museum

Mamie trying to crawl into one of the exhibits

Lilly and Pop

Inside one of the aquariums

Posing with a penguin--they were so friendly and adorable! My camera didn't get very good pictures through the glass.

Mamie posing for a picture in front of a tank of tiny fish

Lilly and daddy on the duck ride--it was SO hot!

Saying cheese!

CJ, Lilly, and Pop in the river exhibit at the aquarium

Lilly and daddy at the Chattanooga Choo-Choo

Casey and Henley on the duck ride

Lilly and Henley at Lupi's

Thanks so much, mom and dad, for a wonderful trip! We all appreciate it so much and had such a great time.
We love you!