Friday, December 4, 2009

photo shoot

My friend Chesley recently offered to "practice" her photography on my girls. It was the best Christmas present ever! She took the stress off of me having to take a picture for our Christmas card. I think we picked the only cold day that week, but fortunately my girls will play outside no matter how cold it gets, so we went ahead and tried for outdoor pictures. I loved them--she took a ton, and I probably posted way too many, but I couldn't make up my mind, and wanted my mom and dad to see them. I think she did an incredible job and was able to get pictures of Mamie a) smiling and b) facing the camera, which are both close to impossible.

Lilly loves to strike a pose.

Future competitive tricycle rider. It is serious business. She would sleep with it in her bed if I let her.

Thank you Chesley!