Monday, July 18, 2011

Introducing...Boo, the newest little sister

Jon and I have been killing ourselves to fence in our backyard so we could get a puppy. My dad came up and helped us figure out the gates, and we finished it a couple of weeks ago. Then, there was the year-long debate about which breed to get. Scole was as close to human as a dog can get, and there is really nothing we love more than Labs, but non-shedding was at the top of my list. We finally settled on a Labradoodle (part Lab, part Standard poodle). We drove almost to Cookeville yesterday and picked her out. She was the biggest girl they had left and we loved her. We named her "Boo." Partly inspired by Monsters, Inc. and partly just because we loved it and thought it fit her. The girls are loving her and so far, she is a great puppy.

All worn out from playing hard on her first night at home.