Wednesday, September 26, 2007

For my 5 year anniversary, could I have some antibiotics, please?

Here we are at Sperry's in Cool Springs with CJ and Pop (and yes, Mamie DOES have a face)

Well, this past Friday was our 5 year anniversary. It's been a wonderful five years! Jon and I had celebrated it early at Marlin's when we were in Destin, but my mom and dad (CJ and Pop) came up to see Lilly and Mamie this weekend and took us all to Sperry's to celebrate again. One of the hostesses there used to work for Jon at the store, so we always get the private room with the big flatscreen (I'll be so sad if she ever leaves). Anyway, I also "celebrated" with two weeks of doctors and sickness! Mamie had a mystery fever of 102 with NO symptoms almost all week last week. We finally spent almost 3 hours at the doctor's office on Thursday afternoon trying to figure out what it was. Her doctor thought she may have a UTI and wanted to get a urine sample. They put a little sticky bag on her underneath her diaper and I nursed her, thinking we'd have a sample in no time. Wrong. We waited 30 minutes and then I gave her a bottle of formula. Still no tee-tee. The nurses came in to talk to me about a catheter. I really wanted to save that as an absolute last resort. They brought me a bottle of pedialyte to try. Mamie drank 5 ounces of that, but STILL no pee. At this point, they were almost convinced she had a UTI because she seemed to be holding her urine. So after waiting well over an hour and filling her as full of liquid as I could get her, I finally agreed to do the catheter. It was the most pitiful thing I have ever had to see her go through. And, after all that waiting and all that trauma, her culture (thankfully) was perfectly fine. No UTI. I just have a strong-willed little girl who didn't want to go in a funny feeling diaper. She's been fine ever since--I have no idea what was causing her fever. Then I came down with the most horrifying case of strep throat I have ever had in my life. My throat started swelling up on Wednesday, but it didn't hurt and I felt great. I thought I was fine. Then, it hit me on Saturday while my parents were here (sorry mom and dad) and I ran 102+ fever from Saturday until Tuesday. I still thought I would be ok on Saturday. My throat was so huge I could hardly swallow, but I was still bound and determined to go to Sperry's and couldn't wait for some of their peppermint ice cream. Good thing I got that meal in, because I ate nothing but jello for the next couple of days! After a shot in the butt and a couple of antibiotics, I am finally almost feeling back to normal. Please know that I am NOT writing this to get any sympathy--when there are couples like the Farley's going through what they are going through, it makes everything else that we whine and complain about seem so insignificant. I just honestly thought it was comical that Jon (and my poor parents) had to spend our anniversary with me--in glasses and no make-up, greasy-haired, in mismatched pajamas, with pus dripping off of my tonsils like stalactites (the doctor's phrase), and oh yes, now my tongue is green and furry from all the antibiotics!

Here are a few pictures from the previous week--before all the "fun"!

Mamie loving the swing at the park.

Sweet feet

Lilly sliding

This was the cutest thing, but not the best picture--I was driving the girls around my cousins' farm, and Mamie had been sitting on my lap. She pulled up to look out the window and realized she could see herself in the mirror. She was leaning way out and laughing at herself--it was so cute!


Courtney said...

Okay Britney, what's up with riding around with your kid in your lap? Ha Ha, just kidding. I will give you sympathy, you sounded TERRIBLE when I talked to you. I love all of the new pictures and new post, quite the pro blogger you are becoming. I am sure Jon is so proud.:) Happy Anniversary! Oh yeah, I put the necklace in the mail today. Sorry it wasn't sooner...Talk to you later!

Laura Beth said...

Bless your heart! It sounds like you have had a rough go the past few weeks/days. Happy Anniversary! Oh, I would love to know how you cook turnip greens if you say they are easy!

Elizabeth Byerly said...

I'm glad you that you are officially blogging! It's bad enough when your kids are sick, but for you to be that sick too- No fun! Happy late anniversary!

Dee-Dee said...

I love Sperry's. Sorry about the strep throat - Abby and I both went through that a few weeks ago. That is the worst about the catheter. I HATE doing that to kids. Abby had it done 1x when she was a baby and it was awful. (Our results weren't as nice, though...) I hope you are feeling better and Happy Anniversary!

The Robertson's said...

Man, when you get sick you really get sick!! I'm sorry you were so sick on your anniversary. Poor little Mamie! I can't believe that story- I dread when Henley gets sick. Mamie looks alot like Jon, but I guess you hear that all the time. Remember how I coughed all through your ceremony? That was fun...