Monday, June 23, 2008

happy father's day (better late than never)

Lilly and Mamie love their daddy! They are so lucky to have such a sweet daddy. He is so good with them--he keeps them for me on his days off so I can work, and spends so much time with both of them. He takes Lilly fishing, to the zoo, the park, and takes her for ice cream and to rent movies after he picks her up from school on Tuesdays (her favorite). The only thing I ever have to worry about is what they'll be wearing when they leave the house :) I know he'll teach them so many things and be so involved with them as they grow older.
He got a new pink shirt for Father's Day...he might as well give in to the pink with three girls in the house with him! Of course, Lilly had to tell him the second he walked in the door and before he opened his present, "WE GOT YOU A NEW SHIRT DADDY! IT'S PINK. WE WRAPPED IT IN A GOLF BAG FOR YOU!" surprise.

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