Sunday, October 12, 2008

lilly's first field trip

Last Monday, Crieve Hall went on a field trip to Walden Farm. We have been so many times, but the field trip experience was great--they had a lady who took the kids around on a very organized and educational tour of everything (including informing the class of four year olds that bacon comes from the little pink piglets and that hamburgers come from the sweet little black and white calves.) They all had so much fun and I loved getting to see them all interact with each other. Three and four year olds have some pretty funny conversations.

Mrs. Sandra's class

Ellie and Lilly sort of posing with their pumpkins. This was the "when is lunchtime?" part of the day.

Lilly's turn to pump water at the well house

Looking at the precious hamburgers...I mean cows. Seriously lady, couldn't you just say milk comes from cows?

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