Friday, November 21, 2008


Well, Kelly has tagged me to do something strange. I'm just sorry mine wasn't more interesting! You are supposed to take the fourth picture from your fourth folder of pictures. Mine is kind of weird. This is a picture of Lilly's hair when they fixed it at Livi's birthday party in October. It was the cutest party. She had it at Sweet and Sassy and the girls got dressed up like princesses, got their hair, make-up, fingernails AND toenails done, and had a little fashion show. Lilly loved it. Anyway, I was taking pictures of how they did her hair so I could recreate it for Jeff and Kellye's wedding (yeah right). I wish I had a side-by-side comparison. I don't think I could get a job at Sweet and Sassy. I am clearly not qualified. Anyway, that's what my fourth/fourth picture was :)

Now I tag Courtney (who has probably 40 folders of pictures :), Angie, Kim, and Chesley.


Julie said...

I think you did a good job! Frances refuses to let me do a bun in hers, and I think it looks so cute! As for the yes mam, I was surprised-yeah is Libby's usual way answer-yes mam usually only comes after I say it first! I'm so glad she and Mamie are in class together too!

Carrie, The Modern Housewife said...

you're renovating too? uggh! i'm excited about the final product, though. thanks for the contractor referral. but we have one we'd like to use...if we have money left!!!

cute hair!

chesley said...

Maybe I can do this one day...Our computer bit the dust Friday! Major withdrawals over the weekend! I'm hoping to get it back before Friday so I can do my shopping online and find those deals!