Tuesday, January 13, 2009

house update

Or should I say mud hole update? I have never seen so much rain. I feel like we have been going in slow motion with our renovation because of the weather. It is so frustrating. I can't even tell where the driveway or sidewalks start or stop--they are buried under mud. Everything is buried under mud. I feel like it will be at least a year before Lilly and Mamie can even walk in the yard--we'll probably have to get some rubber boots for Scole.
Today I cried on the phone to an inspector (it actually worked). Let's just say it's been a frustrating process trying to pass inspections and get things going so we can move in as soon as possible.

I have learned 5 important things so far:
1. I should have taken Spanish. (this could actually be numbers 1-5)
2. It is impossible to budget in every little thing you will need to spend money on.
3. If you think you need one dumpster, you will actually fill up FIVE.
4. Every single time you get to a house with no plumbing, your kids will immediately have to use the bathroom.
5. Stripping wallpaper is miserable. Completely miserable.

our future bedroom--a new window where there once was a door

our kitchen. can you believe what a mess the walls are? that's what new plumbing and wiring does to your lovely plaster walls.

our new bathroom


Missy said...

looking good!!!

Dee-Dee said...

It will be so nice when you are done!!!