Saturday, May 30, 2009

graduation (but not really)

Last Wednesday was Lilly's "graduation" ceremony. Most of the kids in her class will be going to kindergarten next year, but she was the youngest in her class, so she'll be "graduating" again next year! She loved school so much this past year. She had an amazing teacher and the sweetest little class I have ever seen. I have loved getting to know all their families. She has learned so much and is so excited about handwriting, reading, rhyming, beginning sounds, opposites, etc. I am so glad I have another year with her before she's off to school five days a week. I am not ready for that yet!
Lilly and the fabulous "Miss" Sandra

Sassy and Mamie ready for the program to begin.

Lilly receiving her certificate and t-shirt and sharing what she wants to be when she grows up--"a mommy!"

Her class singing "Jesus Loves the Little Children."

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