Monday, June 22, 2009

aunt sissy & dylan

My sister and my nephew, Dylan, are flying back to Tampa after a week-long visit. As usual, it flew by much too quickly. Dylan is wonderful with his two little cousins and they absolutely adore him. He spent hours every day stuffed inside a pop-up house in the playroom playing "house." He knows all of Mamie's babies' names--Ponkin' (don't know where on earth that came from), Ella Grace, Hollis, and Melody. He got up with them in the mornings and let me sleep in. It was like having a live-in babysitter for a week. I miss him already (but not just for child-entertainment purposes)! I miss them so much and wish they lived closer so we could all see them more often. Dylan with the girls (isn't he cute?)
Eating outside (not too smart) at the RosePepper one night for dinner. It was SO hot.

Part of the reason my sister came in town when she did--our cousin, Debbie, got married last month and had a big reception at the farm last weekend. This is a picture of her with her sweet husband, Jim. They are a precious couple and we are all so happy for them.

Did I mention it was hot? Lexi was sharing her spray bottle with my girls to cool off.

My mom and dad also came up for Debbie's reception and took us to lunch on Father's Day.

My mom and dad with all their grandchildren (and grand-dog in the background)

"push me higher aunt sissy!"

Thanks for coming to visit us!!! Come back soon--we love you and miss you!


Sara said...

Your girls are just beautiful! ANd I'm so happy for Debbie too. I didn't realize you were related to her. I don't know Debbie personally, but just know a little of her story. I'm happy for her that she's found someone!

Dee-Dee said...

It is always so nice when family and/or friends come to visit. I am always in a bad mood the few days after someone leaves from visiting! You got some great pictures while everyone was there. It looks like the girls were in heaven with their cousin.