Monday, February 1, 2010


I didn't believe the weathermen when they said it. I doubted we would see a flake. I was very wrong. I should have known it would snow since we had a birthday party planned for the girls. Of course it had to be canceled. Lilly and Mamie didn't seem to care at all--they were so excited about the snow, I could have told them Christmas was canceled (anyone else watch Modern Family?). Anyway, we have had a blast playing in it. I love snow. I keep telling the girls they better remember it because they might not ever see this much snow again in Nashville.

These pictures were from the first day (Friday) while it was still snowing.

Mamie kept picking up chunks of snow and saying, "Popsicle!" and trying to eat it. Or she would just try to crawl around like the dog eating it off the ground. Really. I even caught her eating it off of her boots in the car and after we had come inside more than once.

Scole was excited about the snow--he jumped around in it like a puppy.

Of course, even in the snow, she still wanted to swing.

Our back steps.

Bundled up in the car on our way to sled with Hollis.

Thank goodness the snow came on a weekend Jon was off of work. I would have been so sad if he had to work and miss sledding and playing in the snow with the girls.

Sunday Jeff and Kellye had us all over for lunch and sledding. They have the best hill--and the best way to get back up the hill :)

Crytal (Zach's sister) came and took all these great action shots of the sledding.

Zach and Hollis

Jon and Lilly spinning sideways down the hill in this picture. Jon always seems to hold one hand up like he is riding a bull. Our little green sled was hard to control.

Kellye took Lilly down a million times :)

Kristin and Lilly hitting one of the jumps Jon made at the bottom of the hill

Zach and Lilly went all the way into the bushes.

racing :)

no one could beat that crazy metal coke sign Jeff is on.

Me, Kristin, Branson, and Zach crammed on the big orange sled.

Can you tell we were going fast? Riding with Jon was the scariest ride of the day.

Mamie and mommy. She only sledded a few times on Sunday before wanting to go in and play with Kellye's little puppy in the house. Oh, AND color all over herself with a highlighter.

This pretty much sums it up. She is a MESS.

I can't leave her alone for a second these days without finding something crazy like lotion or marker all over something.

Ready to sled. After watching the news about all the head injuries from sledding on Saturday, I broke out the bike helmets for the girls on Sunday.

Branson and Jon had the craziest ride of the day. Jon is holding his arm and hand that he crushed on the ice. I asked Branson if he wanted to go down with me after that and he said, "Once you go Jon, you never go back."


kristy said...

wasn't it soooo much fun? snow should happen more often. That's funny about Mamie.The other night we were downstairs and all of a sudden we smelled cologne. After we put them to bed, Riggs snuck and put on a healthy dose!and he was upstairs and we still smelled it!

chesley said...

such cute pictures!! mamie totally cracks me up. claire & her seem to be a lot alike!

The Roper's said...

That looks like the perfect hill! Who had more fun? The girls or Daddy?? Cute :)

Zach and Kim said...

Love all the action shots! We are missing the snow this week..... Thanks a billion for letting Hollis spend the night with yall last weekend. I know he loved it!

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Dee-Dee said...

Hard to follow a chinese blogger...
Great sledding pictures!!! Loved them!