Friday, March 12, 2010

bowling party!!!

We had a combined birthday party for the girls again this year since their birthdays are just a month apart. They both wanted to have a Scooby Doo party and they wanted it at the bowling alley, so it was pretty easy--except for the fact that we planned it on the weekend of the huge snow storm. We had to postpone it a couple weeks, but it finally worked out. It actually snowed again on the morning that it was rescheduled, and I got a call from the man at the bowling alley asking me if I had looked outside yet and laughing about the irony of it. I think we would have had it if we had to ski there--I wasn't going to freeze the cake a second time :) Anyway, we all had fun and the snow didn't keep anyone away. I wish I had gotten a group shot--I didn't get a single picture of all the kids together.

The delicious and adorable cake my talented friend Elisabeth made.
(Great photography, I know. They had the craziest little spotlights all over the ceiling and I couldn't get it to not make a shadow when I was taking the picture.)

The birthday girls--5 and 3

cousin Hollis

Mamie and Ty waiting for the balls to come out

Waiting as patiently as a 5 year old can...


Mamie blew her candles out the second the song started.
Did I mention how good (and GIGANTIC) that cake was? And that my pants from last spring don't button?
(thank you excessive amount of girl scout cookies, birthday cake, and krispy kremes...maybe scooby doo could solve that "mystery".)

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