Tuesday, April 6, 2010

softball 101

This spring, Lilly started softball. This is our first family athletic experience, and we had no idea what to expect from Lilly. We kept trying to talk her into soccer, and all she wanted to play was "baseball." When I found out that Emily and Jeremy were coaching a team, we signed her up. It's been so cute seeing her and Jon practicing in the backyard. She has been so excited about practices and had her first game last week. I'm really glad they didn't keep score. We were playing a serious team that looked like they had been playing for a few years compared to our girls. Luckily, I think the parents were the only ones who noticed and all the girls had fun. I think Lilly is more excited about her cleats, visor, and uniform than the game (She was pretty disappointed when she found out that their colors were black and gold. I think she was expecting pink uniforms.).
Ready for her first game ever :)

Brooke and Lilly with their missing teeth.

Lilly and Frances waiting to bat

Lilly up to bat for the first time. Her little legs look so tiny anyway, but that huge helmet on her head makes her look even smaller!


Gini said...

are you doing brentwood civitan??? that is where we are!

chesley said...

ok, she is the cutest thing ever with her little pig tails & polka dot ribbons!!

caroline G said...

So cute!!! I love her pose on the bleachers!