Thursday, August 19, 2010

chattanooga girls' trip...WITH kids!

Last year, my college roommates and I spent a weekend in Chattanooga at Casey's house without the kids. This summer, we thought it would be fun to get all of our little ones together for a weekend and do something fun like the aquarium. It was so much fun seeing all of them together and watching them play like they have always been little friends. It was chaos, but fun. We even had a sitter one night so we could go out and eat ALONE! Thanks Casey for opening your house to six little ones! You are a brave hostess :)

Henley, Stella, Lilly, Will, Mamie (John was in the stroller and Quinn was at home with Courtney's mom for the weekend)

It was honestly a coincidence--all of the girls had yellow bows on the first day!


Outside the butterfly exhibit

About to see the penguins

They all loved the shark cage

This picture just cracked me up--The look on Mamie's face in there knocking on the glass is hilarious to me.

Mamie LOVED watching the charks come by. I could have stood there all day.

Lilly and sweet little Stella. You could tell Lilly really enjoyed being the "big kid" for the weekend. She tried to act like a little mommy.

TROUBLE, PARTY OF 5, your table is ready.

3 hot mamas

(literally, it was very hot :)

Casey had a craft project for the kids on Saturday morning. They all got to make visors to wear to the pool.

Mamie showing off not only her sporty new visor, but also her crazy case of bed head

Stella and Will hard at work peeling stickers

What can I say? It's fabulous!

Courtney got all the kids these adorable matching shirts.

We love Chattanooga and all our new friends!

Thanks for a great weekend, girls!

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