Saturday, January 29, 2011


I am sooo behind! December flew by with all the fun things to do, class parties, snow, and time with family.

Gingerbread Houses

Gingerbread houses at Richland. Jon actually got to come this year! We missed Hollis and Kim.

They were out of town :(

Daddy and Lilly took theirs very seriously. They got a couple of compliments on the way out and Jon bragged about it for quite a while ;-)

I let Mamie put so many giant gumdrops on the roof, that it ended up falling off.
I am normally a control freak about crafty things, and had to try very hard to just let her do it all by herself.

Thanks Sassy!!!


Bundled up for the snow--before they got tired of playing in snow!

Trying to sled at the farm with Ellie.

Mamie's First School Christmas Party & Program

Sassy came to see Mamie sing her Christmas songs. She was so excited to go up on stage.

When your daddy works at a grocery store...

He just might come home with a GIANT inflatable sleigh!

The girls had so much fun playing in it--you can't tell from the picture, but there were blinking lights along the top. It took up the entire playroom--it is huge.

Santa & his Reindeer

It was so cold this day that we almost couldn't stand to wait in line.

Lilly, Hollis, and Mamie

Sassy showing Mamie her BIG gift that was hidden in a closet--

a HUGE horse. It could pull the HUGE sleigh!

She loves it. Mamie is one horse-crazy little girl. All she kept saying she wanted for Christmas was "a real horse." This was as close as we're going to get for a while.

cousins. TROUBLE.

our only family picture of the season--i know it's dark.

Our tree on Christmas Eve...

and our house on Christmas Eve! I had to get a picture--who knows when we'll have another white Christmas? It was so neat waking up to snow on Christmas day.

CJ and Pop were here for a few days and got to be at our house on Christmas morning to see what Santa left.

After Santa--ready to open gifts from everyone else!

Excited to open stockings. We always make them wait until after breakfast.

Mamie trying to get hers down by herself.

One of the favorite gifts of the year--pillow pets! Thanks CJ :)

This is how daddy unloads the dishwasher...

Merry Christmas!

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