Saturday, November 3, 2007

Trick or Treat!

Lilly and Mamie were a princess and an octopus for Halloween. Obviously, there was no real theme here--just pink. Lilly was so excited this year and it was so much fun to see her really get into Halloween and trick-or-treating. She got to wear her costume to mother's day out at our church on Tuesday. I have never seen her so proud or excited. Mamie is probably still wondering why I dressed her in a costume with extra arms and legs and we knocked on everyone's door. Jon unfortunately had to work until 9:30 and I had both girls and the 94,000 trick-or-treaters that knocked on our door by myself. We have run out of candy every year we have lived in this house. Our neighborhood really gets into Halloween and it seems like every kid (and adult) in Lebanon comes here to trick-or-treat. Does anyone else have adult trick-or-treaters? I find this very strange and just can't fathom knocking on someone's door in my jeans and t-shirt and asking another adult to drop candy into my plastic grocery bag. Oh well. I finally turned the lights out after I ran out of candy and put Scole (the killer dog) on the front porch to scare everyone away. It worked.

Posing after a hard night of trick-or-treating. Our Jack-O-Lantern was a tribute to Mamie and her 2 teeth!


Princess Lilly

riding in the wagon to trick-or-treat
I am so glad we had such beautiful warm weather!

Lilly carving her "Mamie" pumpkin with daddy

I just had to post this picture--I couldn't believe Mamie actually kept this hat on! I loved it and you can see her 2 little teeth.


Dee-Dee said...

They look so cute - what a fun Halloween! OK - we got one of the adults this year - a woman - dressed in normal clothes with a grocery sack. What a wierdo. What is up with that?

Courtney said...

You are so funny! I can't believe adults do that, not dressed up on top of that. I agree, weird. I love the costumes. They look so cute. Lilly does look proud - she has the perfect posture in that picure of her sitting on the floor - hilarious! I love the two tooth pumpkin!

ada said...

How cute! I love the octopus costume...I've never seen one before! Lilly looks like such a natural with the whole princess thing:) Very cute!

the robertsons said...

SO CUTE!! I love the the octopus costume! Where did you find it? Lilly looks very beautiful as a princess with her jewelry and all! Mamie's little teeth are so sweet. I will freak out when Henley gets teeth. I had to work, too. On my home, I saw lot of "costumeless" kids with Kmart sacks all up and down the streets. That Memphis for you.

Laura Beth said...

Your girls are so cute! Lilly makes a perfect princess! Oh, and how did I miss that you lived in Lebanon? I guess I just assumed you lived in Nashville! I don't know if you remember, but I grew up in Lebanon and my parents are still there. The adult trick-or-treaters don't surprise me! :)

chesley said...

The girls costumes were adorable. We missed you guys at Trunk or Treat this year, but it was a mad house! I saw a comment you left on Laura Beth's blog and found yours.. she and I went to high school together. Small world!

the robertsons said...

Obiviously, I should not post comments when I'm tired because I can't write complete sentences.

Kelly said...

Hey Lyla. I love your blog! The Halloween costumes are too cute!