Saturday, November 3, 2007

Happy Birthday Punkin' Head!

Last weekend we got to go to Walden Farm for Will's first birthday party. It was beautiful weather and so much fun! It was great getting to catch up with Courtney and Casey and all of Courtney's family. Will was the cutest birthday boy and Courtney had a pumpkin patch party that would have made Martha Stewart proud. Casey and Henley came in from Memphis and stayed with us Friday night, which made is even more fun. Lilly is still talking about Casey and sweet little baby Henley. I miss seeing my friends from college--I'm ready for us to all live in the same town!

Me & Mamie, Lilly, Will, Courtney, Casey & Henley

The birthday boy with his mommy and daddy and adorable cake

Lilly, Will & his MiMi (Michael's mom), and Abby on the hayride

Mamie loved the hayride--she squealed the whole time

Sweet little buddies--Mamie and Henley hangin' out at the party

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the robertsons said...

You got some really cute pics! I love the one with you and Mamie. Thank you for having us-- We had such a good time! If we live in Chattanooga maybe you will come stay with us then (hint, hint). Oh, I hope Mamie and Henley will be good friends.