Thursday, December 20, 2007

Ho Ho Ho

At Sassy's house after having pictures made for Christmas cards

Sassy got them matching Christmas nightgowns--they are so cute!

I just had to post this video. Mamie says "ho ho ho" and I think it's adorable. I've had a hard time getting it on video, and this is not the best example, but oh well! She'll even say it sometimes when she sees Santa in a book--so cute! Please excuse my hideous voice. If I could take it out, believe me, I would.

Did you know that Santa Claus is watching you all the time? When we went to the mall to have the girls' picture made with Santa a couple of weeks ago, Lilly had a life-changing experience. She has been known to be less than kind to her little sister and loved to hit her and push her over. I always told her, "Santa's watching you," and it worked somewhat, but what happened at Cool Springs mall has forever changed her little life. First let me start by saying that Lilly was SO excited to go see Santa she could hardly stand it. First, I gave him her Christmas list, and then he talked to her and she sat in his lap. The conversation went something like this:

Santa: Have you been a good little girl this year?

Lilly: Yes

Santa: Are you SURE?

Lilly: (looking a little worried now) Yes?

Santa: Well, last week when I peeked in on you, you were hitting on your little sister, and that's not very nice. Big sisters are supposed to take care of their little sisters and be sweet to them--not hit them or be mean to them.

Lilly: looks like she might cry for a minute--I feel terrible and chime in that she's really a pretty good girl.

At this point Santa gives her a big hug and kiss on the head and asks her all about what she wants for Christmas, to which she responds "princess stuff" and then she sat in his lap as happy as she could be, but also in AWE of this super power that Santa seems to have. You could just see her thinking, "How did he know that?" She has talked about it and talked about it, telling everyone that Santa sees her all the time and that she has to be nice. She hasn't hit Mamie once, and has been so sweet to her it's unbelieveable. I wonder how Santa knew?


Courtney said...

That story is so funny - even hearing it a second time! I can't wait until Will understands Santa! DeeDee has a funny story...She said she would tell Abby, "Santa is watching you, you better be good...etc" Abby says back to her, "Jesus watches us all the time - we should always be good!" How's that for a 4 year old. I thought that was so sweet. I love the video too - little Mamie, so precious!

Dee-Dee said...

I love the "ho ho ho" video - it is so cute. Kids are so cute about Santa. Toby was saying the other night that right now you could not convince Abby that there was NOT a Santa - she would think you were crazy. We had to have Santa (Uncle Berry) call and talk to Abby the other night for behavior reinforcement. Works like a wonder...

Sara said...

Hi Lyla - You have two very sweet little girls. I loved the "ho ho ho" video. I don't get to check blogs as often as I'd like, but I do look at yours every once in a while so I wanted to say Hi!
Hope you all have a Merry Christmas!