Saturday, March 1, 2008

you're never too sick for snow

As I mentioned before, February has been a hard month for us--someone has been sick the entire time. The night after I posted about us being sick, I got E-Coli and was sick for about 5 days (thank you, J. Alexander's), and then Lilly, Mamie, and Jon got the stomach bug the next week, and I am sick again with a cold or something--who knows? It has been a LONG month. I am ready for spring!!! However, we crave snow around here and poor little Lilly has been waiting and waiting and waiting for snow all winter long. She asks all the time when she sees the weatherman on the news if it is going to snow "next day." Well, when it finally snowed, she had a 103 fever. I just couldn't make her stay inside and miss playing in what would most likely be the only snow of the year. I bundled her up and we went outside for about ten minutes. She was dying to make a snowman, so we made a ten-inch tall one on the sidewalk. She had so much fun. Scole had a blast too--he's like a puppy whenever it snows.

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