Monday, March 17, 2008

the sort-of snow angel and other stuff

Well, not much has been going on with us...just dying for spring to get here so we can play outside! We missed the good snow here last weekend because we were in Huntsville at my parents' house. We got a little bit there, but only enough to cover the deck and dust the grass. Lilly was dying to make a snow angel, so she had to try it on the deck. I just thought it was a funny picture of her. Mamie has been making some of the funniest faces, but I can't ever catch them with my camera. She's getting quite a personality and is into everything right now--her favorite things to do include: playing in the potty when it's accidentally left open, getting into her sister's play make-up or chapstick and eating it/smearing it everywhere, getting boxes of crackers or cookies out of the pantry and digging into them, climbing up onto her sister's bed, and pulling all 200 books off of Lilly's bookshelf. I get panicky when it gets too quiet--she's usually up to something she's not supposed to be doing. I make her sound like she's bad, but she actually minds so well--all I have to do is tell her "no" and she gets her feelings hurt.

My parents' house backs up to a land trust so the woods go on forever behind their house. I took Lilly "hiking" one day. I don't think we'll be taking her camping any time soon. This is how our walk went:
Lilly: "Let's go back to the house, Mommy."
Me: "Isn't this fun? Look, a snail shell! Do you want to take it home with you?"
Lilly: "No thank you mommy. Let's go back to the house. I think there might be wolves."

Mamie and Pop spent lots of time swinging

Mamie trying her best to sneak up on Scole. You can tell she's concentrating with that tongue out. Once in a while he lets her jump on him and sit on him like she's riding a horse. We'll never get another dog that will put up with the things he puts up with--sweet boy.

I had to have this documented. Mamie has been doing this for a couple of months now. She climbs up on Lilly's bed all the time and just rolls around on the pillows laughing, or Lilly gets up there with her and jumps. (Probably really next post will probably be about a trip to the emergency room from falling off of the bed.) She just works so hard at getting up there.

Success! (and look at the curls)

I just love her in a nightgown. She's trying to get Lilly's pez.

This is her laughing face. She scrunches up her whole face and shows those two hippo teeth.


Hollee said...

So I didn't realize that your Lilly is Lilly Caroline. Honestly...that is crazy. I think I might have known you had a Lilly but no idea the middle name. Sam's grandmother is so excited (Lilly was her mother's name). Anyway...sorry to steal the name... :(

Courtney said...

Sooooooooo cute! I love all of the new pictures. That is a cute story about the "hike." They are growing SO fast :( Talk to you soon.

Dee-Dee said...

Those pictures are precious! Loved them all. I am with Lilly on the outdoorsy stuff for the most part. Sounds like a smart girl to me! Ha! Ok, Mamie sounds like the female Beau. He loves to get into all of the same things, only he doensn't mind so well or get his feeling hurt when I tell him no!

Laura Beth said...

Sweet girls! I love Mamie in the nightgown, too. Looks like you can't leave her alone for a second before mischief starts! HA!

Elizabeth said...

Great pictures! For a second I thought Lilly looked like she was standing on the edge of a cliff!!Made me a bit nervous! I love seeing what your girls are doing, because our house is shortly behind you!!

Julie said...

what sweet pictures! I love the last one of mamie!

Anonymous said...

Lyla! It has been WAY too long! I had so much fun checking in on you all. The girls are getting SO big- I could hardly believe it! Super cute too!!! Hope you all are doing well. We need to catch up sometime... soon. I haven't talked to you in ages. Someday I'll send pics. of Will again. He is getting huge. Hope to talk to you one of these days. Love, Katie

Kelly said...

Mamie can come ride the four wheeler with Cade any time she wants! He would love to take her for a wagon ride, too:) Yesterday, they told me that during class at church, they had to move Cade because he was sitting between Sophie and Mamie because they kept touching him. Such a ladies' man!