Sunday, July 13, 2008

playing with jars, swimming pools, and feeding ducks

Last Saturday I took the girls and went to Huntsville to see my parents for a few days. We stayed until Tuesday afternoon. Lilly and Mamie had a great time and got more than enough attention. Lilly also got to eat at her favorite restaurant, CiCi's pizza, TWICE. I'm sure that was probably the highlight of her trip. (Once when we were leaving CiCi's I asked her if she liked her lunch and she said, "Oh mom, it was a dream come true.") My dad already had the pool blown up on the deck when we got there and was putting buckets of hot water in it so they wouldn't be cold (we don't have a "heated" pool in our backyard at home). My mom and I took the girls to the park one day to feed the ducks. Mamie loved telling all the ducks "bye-bye" when they swam away.
Mamie did this several times a day--she LOVED playing in CJ's jar cabinet.

Just playing with my jars.

Swimming with Pop

At Big Spring Park with CJ

Lilly feeding the fish

Mamie is saying "cheese"

Mamie having a hard time keeping up with big sister
Sitting on the lion

Mamie checking out a couple of ducks

I just liked this picture--Mamie had a new booster seat at CJ & Pop's so she could sit at the bar and she loved it. She also loves eating anything with her fork. Eating with a fork is serious business...

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Anonymous said...

Lyla, we wrote some comments about how we loved having y'all with us for the long weekend of the 4th of July, but when I tried to read them after, they disappeared once again. Anyway, we love you all dearly and can't wait for next week at the TN Aquarium in ChooChoo town,

Love Pop and CJ