Sunday, August 24, 2008

mamie @ 18 months

here's what's going on with Mamie at 18 months:

is 95th percentile for height
is 25th percentile for weight
love, love, LOVES her bunny and her binky
is into EVERYTHING--especially the pantry, shoes, and toothpaste
has "baboon-like strength"--this is an official medical diagnosis from Dr. Wells :)
is climbing everything, including out of her bed
loves playing with babies, strollers, books, dress-up clothes, puzzles, and play-doh
is talking a lot and saying a few short sentences like "i want see-ul (cereal) mommy."
is opening doors
will NOT drink cold milk or milk from a sippy cup (this one is pretty embarassing)
loves to cuddle when she wakes up :)
tries to do anything her big sister does

we love you little mamie sister!


Anonymous said...

Lyla, Mammie is certainly growing up fast. Can't believe the changes month to month...amazing. Hse is suddenly a little girl. Loved the write-up and can't wait to see y'all this weekend.
Love and kisses to all, Dad and Mom. PS The pictures are camera sound great!

Angie said...

Love the pictures...especially the beach ones. So cute! Looks like you all had a great time. And can Mamie look any more like Jon? Seriously!! Sophie is going to miss Mamie in Tues/Wed. school. :-(