Thursday, February 12, 2009

happy 2nd birthday sweet mamie!

Sweet little Mamie turned 2 today. She was almost our Valentine's baby.

is still a fearless little gymnast with superhuman strength.
can climb on, over, or into anything.
refuses to eat a single vegetable aside from avocado.
loves to cuddle and will happily sit with me for an hour after a nap or in the mornings.
will not drink milk or eat cheese, yogurt, or even ICE CREAM. (certainly did not get this from me)
LOVES any type of rice. Says, "so good, so good, so good" when she eats it.
copies anything her sister does--good or bad.
has the cutest little gallop and nods her head as she does it.
plays so well by herself--usually with her babies and her "bipey bag" (diaper bag).
still has that silky bunny and binky 99% of the time...
loves Dora, "Bickey" Mouse, and of course Princesses (thank you, Lilly).
prays out loud during (and talking over) anyone else's prayer at mealtimes--always specifically prays for Scole.
is very sensitive and gets her feelings hurt easily, but doesn't cry easily or very much when she gets hurt.
gets comments all the time from people about her husky little deep voice.
looks just like a Carman--100%.
loves diapers and is going to be much harder than Lilly was to potty train.
is so easy to put down to bed at night--I worry this will change with the new big girl bed when we move.
can throw a HUGE fit if she doesn't get her way.
loves to dress up, sing (mainly "God made the big round sun" or "the B-I-B-L-E"), and dance with her sister.
calls her sister "wiwwy" and I love it.
has a pretty good vocabulary and talks all the time at home in complete sentences, but is very quiet and shy around other people.
makes me laugh out loud every day.
is such a blessing and I realize so much more the second time around how quickly they change and grow up.

We love you sweet little Mamie sister!

the naked chef

opening presents

look at my new cheer leading outfit that matches my sister's!
i loved this picture--she looks hilarious with it on over her big jacket :)

jon couldn't resist this picture--this ride at Chuck E Cheese is called "fetch the vet" and had a black dog inside. quite ironic.

mamie loving the carousel that goes oh-so-slow

here's her "bickey mouse" cake she requested. not too sure that the lady at publix understood me when i spelled her name. any guesses on that last letter?
sorry mamie, but the life you have ahead of you will involve spelling your name for everyone and having it misspelled on a daily basis. i should know :)

blowing out the candles while we were still singing

a happy little birthday girl with a mouth full of icing


Kelly said...

Lots of Birthday hugs from Cade!

Erich said...

She is so cute! Happy Birthday!

jeff said...
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jeff said...

Sorry about the "comment deleted" oooppppsss! Happy Birthday Mamie!

Natalie Church said...

Happy Birthday Mamie! It sounds like she and Tori would get along perfect!

The Roper's said...

That last picture is precious! Happy Birthday Mamie!!

Julie said...

I loved reading about Mamie. She is such a cutie, and definently Libby's fav friend at CH!

Dee-Dee said...

Awww! Happy Birthday, Mamie! I love your list, and the naked chef picture is too, too cute.

Laura Beth said...

Happy Birthday, Mamie! Cute pigtails, too!