Monday, November 2, 2009

a long (but fun) halloween week...

We had a crazy week! Halloween parties, birthday parties, trunk or treat, trick or treating, and Lilly's first play.

Here's the HUGE pumpkin Jon brought home from the store.

Trunk or Treat

Peter Pan strolling around checking out the loot

sweet little Layla with Lilly

The highlight of Trunk or Treat for Lilly was when Brown arrived. I think she asked me 10 times if he would be there.

The girls favorite place to play lately is our closet. I find strange things hidden in my shoes, and my underwear wrapped around all sorts of things. This is how I found them the other day.

The girls and I had a marathon baking day last week. We made daddy a birthday cake, and sugar cookies for school parties. We had some leftover orange icing from the pumpkins, so we made daddy's cake ugly for him :)

Lilly's class all dressed up and ready to trick or treat

Ms. Gloria

Ellie and Lilly

Halloween Night

Lilly was Tinkerbell, Mamie was Peter Pan, and Scole was the crocodile from Peter Pan (tick tock...)

Trick or treating at Aunt Kristin and Uncle Branson's house was fun! The girls got an insane amount of candy. Thanks guys, we'll be sending the bill for the fillings :)

Then we knocked on Sassy's door. She had great treats too :)

Sunday morning after Halloween--I still had my camera in the car and thought I'd try to get a picture.

Then, as if we hadn't had enough to do, we were offered 4 tickets to Little House on the Prarie. I was SO excited (I think I spent about 4 years of my childhood pretending to be Laura Ingalls Wilder). Lilly had never been to anything at TPAC before, but there was no pressure since we got the tickets free. I figured if she couldn't sit still or be quiet, or if she just didn't like it, we could always leave. We took Ellie and Tressa with us, and the girls LOVED it. They were mesmerized by the singing and dancing and had an incredible time. It was so good--and it had Melissa Gilbert (Laura from the TV show) as Ma! Thank you Jackie for the tickets!

Sporting the most Little House on the Prarie outfit we had...there were so many little girls in full costume dressed just like Laura. So cute!


kristy said...

lilly is really looking "school age" more baby in her..i can't believe how time flies!

The Roper's said...

Looks like lots of fun! My kids love playing in the closet too-we made Addy's into a "clubhouse".

chesley said...

their costumes are so cute. please tell me you didn't make lily's too. If you did, I'm never buying a costume again...I'm just coming to you :-)! I'm up for lunch/shopping whenever..just let me know! I haven't been to that store yet. I saw an ad for it, and wondered if it was new. Where is it??

Dee-Dee said...

I am lovin' the Peter Pan theme, and that bigger than life pumpkin made me lol! The picture in the closet is too funny, too. Your girls are so full of personality! Love it!

Courtney said...

Love all the pictures! Did you make her Peter Pan costume? It is sooo cute! They are too cute all dressed up! Love them in their cowboy boots and hats - need to frame one of those. Talk to you soon!