Monday, November 2, 2009

we couldn't leave the little siblings out

All the "big" kids had gotten to go to Walden Farm on field trips, but the little brothers and sisters got left out, so we planned a day to take them all. I barely have any pictures of the little ones--they were running around having a ball the whole time. I think Mamie did the hay maze about 8 times. I couldn't get her to stand still for a picture.

The "big" kids :)
Lilly, Cal, Livi, Ellie

Mamie in the hay maze. not sure what's going on with that hair.

Lilly posing as the scarecrow. There is nothing I could have bribed Mamie with to put her face in one of those holes for a picture.

Looking at the piglets

hungry (greedy) goats

Lilly and Livi

Lowrie picked a couple of nice pumpkins...

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chesley said...

were those piggies not the cutest things ever?!