Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Happy Easter!

Well, we had a busy and wonderful (and healthy) Easter! We celebrated a week early with Jon's family, and then spent the holiday in Huntsville at my parents' house. It was freezing and Lilly's lips were actually blue in some of the pictures I took that morning. I felt like a crazy person putting them in sleeveless dresses... oh well! At least we had an Easter egg hunt with beautiful weather the Friday before with friends. It is getting harder and harder to get any good pictures with both girls--practically impossible.

An attempt at a family photo--we never got a single remotely usable one with all four of us. I sort of have a "this is pointless" look on my face.

CJ & Pop with the girls before church.

Opening the big Easter package that came in the mail from Aunt Sissy, Uncle Tim, and Dylan!

The "big" kids (Cal, Lilly, Ellie, and Livi) at the Easter egg hunt we had at Ashley's and Tressa's families' farm. We knew better than to even attempt to get the little kids in it too.

Cal spilling his basket attracted quite a crowd of helpers. Mamie was pretty excited about all those eggs.

Her first time hunting eggs--she knew exactly what to do.

Dyeing eggs the week before Easter.

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