Wednesday, April 2, 2008

parties, princesses, and eatin' ritz

Last Saturday we had quite a day. A birthday party for Lexi who turned one, and then a baby shower for Kim and little almost-here-Hollis! We can't wait for him to get here and are praying every day for him to arrive safely and easily. Lilly is so excited--every day she asks me if Hollis is out of Kim's tummy yet. She can't wait for him to get here. I have no idea where some of my pictures have gone--I took pictures of Kim and also of Jon's grandmother and cousin (who is also pregnant with a baby boy!) with Lilly at the shower, but they're not on my camera now. Who knows? I just had to post a picture of the cake--it was adorable. We survived the day (thanks to a bag of skittles Sassy brought for Lilly) without taking naps until almost 4:30. It was a miracle (and lots of fun).

Wasn't the cake precious?

Mamie and Sassy at the shower--you can tell she is SO sleepy

Lexi with her little polka dot cake--have you ever seen a bigger smile? She loved it when everyone sang "happy birthday"

Later that night, Lilly dressed Mamie up like a princess. They were both pretty proud of themselves.

Caught red-handed!
A common occurence at our house if the pantry door is left open.

Helping herself to her FAVORITE snack. She would prefer to eat just ritz crackers and nothing else if I would let her. She goes to the pantry door almost first thing every morning yelling, "crackoo." In case you are worried, I do not let her eat ritz for breakfast.


Sallie said...

who made that cake? it so adorable!!! love all the pics, lyla! Your girls are getting so big!!

Dee-Dee said...

Wow! The cake is beautiful! The Easter pictures are adorable - your girls are just precious as usual. I know what you mean about trying to get a good picture being impossible...