Monday, April 13, 2009

the bunnies and an egg hunt

I took the girls to see the bunnies at Phillip's Toy Mart this year. I meant to take them last Easter, and we never made it. They loved it and got to pet them, which they loved.

Every year since Lilly was born, we have had an Easter egg hunt with our friends on Good Friday. Since there were storms predicted for Friday, we went to the Brentwood Library egg hunt on Thursday afternoon instead. They didn't get a ton of eggs (thank goodness), but there was free face-painting and the kids all had a lot of fun and got to play at the park together afterwards.

There were about forty things to choose from--cute bunnies, chicks, ducks, flowers, a butterfly...what does Lilly choose? A RED egg. Don't think I didn't try to persuade her to get a cute little bunny.

waiting for the lady to blow the whistle

Lilly, Mamie, Ellie, Livi, Ty, and Grant

Cute cousins. I love how Lilly's hair is standing on end. They had so much fun together.

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