Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

We went to Huntsville to spend Easter with my parents. We had a great weekend with CJ and Pop and the girls came back to Nashville with enough candy to open a store. My mom had an egg hunt for them, they got more in their Easter baskets, and then they got another basket full of candy-filled eggs at the egg hunt after church. We also celebrated my dad's birthday while we were there--happy birthday Daddy! Thanks for everything CJ and Pop, we had a great time and we love you!
Lilly showing off her new Dora cup from her Easter basket

Mamie had to show Pop everything she got in her basket.

Hunting eggs at Twickenham

A proud Lilly with a LOT of candy.

Daddy and Mamie. (It's a man-purse)

I found Mamie joyfully eating a starburst still in the wrapper.

CJ and Pop with the girls. I didn't realize how shadowy this was when I was taking the picture. The whole reason we sat there was because of the gorgeous wisteria dripping off of the vine above and I didn't even get it in the picture... It looked so pretty with their purple dresses.

Mr. Scole turns 12 next month. Lilly LOVES that dog.

Our best shot of both girls. Mamie is impossible to get a posed picture of these days.

Happy Easter Y'all!


Courtney said...

Love all the pictures! You are look so pretty in your easter gear! Mamie is looking JUST like Jon and Lilly looks JUST like you!!! They are too cute. Can't wait to come see you and your house this weekend!

Natalie Church said...

Wow...what ya'll had a month of Easter fun!!

Laura Beth said...

Great updates! Y'all have been busy . . . so have we! April is crazy at our house! Their together pictures are so cute - I know not what you "want", but years from now you will LOVE them! :)

chesley said...

Great pictures! I'm so glad my kids are not the only ones that are hard to photograph! My Easter pictures are the worst this year!

Anonymous said...

Hey Stranger! Cute pics. The girls are getting SO big. And they're both absolutely adorable. Loved your house pics too. You did a great job. One of these days I'll send some updated pics of Will. Did I tell you we're having another BOY? ...and I think I'm busy now. Oh dear. :) Hope you all are doing well. Love, Katie

Anonymous said...

Dearest Lyla, Things seem so quiet here in Huntsville since the four of you left. The girls looked beautiful in their Easter dresses, as did you. Thanks for all the pictures and commentary. Yep, Mamie will no longer pose except to make faces, but you still got some very cute shots. We loved having you all here, and hope the weather is warmer next time. Thanks for my birthday present and we love you all so much. Your new house looks really great and I can't wait to see what you have waiting when we come up. Give our love to all. Mom and Dad (CJ and Pop)

Mandy said...

Happy Easter - I love your pictures! I was thinking about wisteria when I saw their dresses! Lilly looks just like you and Mamie looks like John - they are both so pretty! Glad you all had a great time over the holiday!

Dee-Dee said...

Lyla - love all of your new pictures! They are great. The girls' lavendar dresses are so pretty - I love that color, especially for Easter. Also loving the picture on the slide and in the wagon. So, so cute! Good to see you a few weeks ago. Your house really is gorgeous!