Monday, April 13, 2009

painting, partying, dyeing, and bathing

I am WAY behind on blogging...April has been a busy month.

The girls painting the sun catchers they got as a good behavior bribe from Target (aka the promised land) when they had to come to "work" with mommy one day for a few hours. I had to put this picture of Mamie on here because she looks just like her daddy in it. She actually painted hers all by herself--I really couldn't believe it.

I just loved this picture--they were watching the big storm from their bathroom window. Lilly is showing off the best $4 I have ever spent at a consignment sale. She hardly had it off her body the first week she had it. I think aunt Kim may need to teach us some ballet moves (hint hint)! Mommy is seriously lacking in the coordination and grace department.

We have recently discovered the joy of bubble baths in a jacuzzi

Cousin Hollis turns the big ONE

Lilly and Mamie love their cousin. Mamie prays for him to grow almost every night. I think it's working :)

the birthday boy

Aunt Kim and Uncle Zach with the cake-eating machine. I have really never seen a kid eat that much of their birthday cake. He loved it!

I would give anything if Hollis had been looking at the camera in this picture. They had so much fun riding around in the wagon. Thanks to Rex and Phyllis (who Lilly called "Phillip" all day--sorry!) for the excessive amounts of wagon rides.

Lilly's Class Easter Party
She insisted on wearing her bunny ears to school and actually kept them on all day.

The Easter Bunny hopped by for a visit!

Dyeing Eggs!!!
This is one of my favorite things about Easter. I can vividly remember picking out my kit at the store every year when I was little--it was always a major decision. The little shrink wrappers with pictures on them, the white crayons you could make designs with, the stickers, the swirly ones...I would get them out of the refrigerator to look at them every day. I have so many good memories of Easter and I hope my girls will too.
waiting patiently for the eggs to finish boiling

so excited to finally have some eggs in the bowls!

painting glitter on eggs is serious work

The finished product. We lost a couple of green ones along the way. Needless to say, I ate a LOT of egg sandwiches last week.

And here is what I get when I try to get a cute picture of two sisters. It just doesn't ever quite work out like I hope it will.

in case you can't tell, Mamie is SCREAMING "cheese" so loudly that she is actually trembling. (sigh)

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