Friday, October 2, 2009

beach trip

Well, here's the long overdue post from our beach trip the first week of September. The Hollands and Wells came for our 6th ? annual beach trip. With Courtney and Michael's newest addition, we had a grand total of 12 in the house. What did we do with ourselves when it was just 6 lazy, late-sleeping adults? I can't even imagine...sounds pretty boring :)
We could not have asked for more perfect weather, and the water was prettier than I have ever seen it. It was crystal clear and shallow for a long way out. This was the first year I could truly relax. No naptimes to worry about, and the girls just played on their own and had so much fun on the beach. Lucky for me, because I got sucked into the Twilight books and could not put them down until I was finished with all four of them. Anyway, here are a few too many pictures from the week.
Lilly and Will

Mamie would literally roll around in the sand. She loved it.

One issue we had to address with Mamie: NUDITY. She tried (and succeeded a few times) to strip on the beach countless times. I finally gave up once and she walked back to the house naked.

Lilly learned to swim on her own this year and had no fear. Next year we'll work on diving :)

Mamie is still quite attached to her floaties...

Lexi and Mamie in the plane at the track--they were so cute

Mamie's first ride in a go-cart. I couldn't believe she was tall enough. She was scared to death at first, but loved it and went again with Jon.

Oh, funny drunk man that stole/borrowed Will's alligator float, you brought us such joy. Watching you walk around in the ocean with your beer and a tiny inflatable alligator stretched across your belly was the highlight of my day...

Especially when you pulled your beer-drinking wife around on her float too. I bet you have no idea you are on someones blog from Tennessee.

I loved this picture. Lexi's favorite thing about the beach: snacks. She was really working hard to find those goldfish crackers I had in my bag :)

Mamie showing off one of her shells

Sweet Cal holding the water on while Lilly washed off. They were so cute together and are starting to seem so grown-up.

All six: Quinn, Mamie, Lilly, Cal, Lexi, and Will.

Why won't my girls look at the camera? We look crazy--Jon and I looking at the camera and both girls looking somewhere else.

Lilly's "teeth smile" she likes to do for pictures now

Cal and Lilly (aka Pocahontas)

The best one we got :( Lilly and Mamie were not very cooperative.

And here's what happens when Lilly sits at the other end of a table for 12 and I have no idea what she's doing during dinner. Sorry, Pompano Joe's, I think I may owe you some ketchup.

Sadly, the only picture we got of the girls was on the last night. Hopefully they'll be another trip next year. Thanks so much to Jon's parents for letting us use the house.


chesley said...

i've been waiting on your post! looks like you guys had fun!! your girls are a hoot! i would love to come follow them with my camera! can you do lunch soon?!

The Roper's said...

What fun! Love Lily's little TAN back :)

Laura Beth said...

Fun trip! What does a little nudity hurt? :) ha!

Courtney said...

Yeah a post! I can't believe I beat you to it! Ha! Of course yours is better with more pics! We had a BLAST and wish we were still there! Miss you and thanks again!!!!

Mandy said...

Fabulous post and fabulous pictures and stories! I laughed seeing the pictures of drunk man and reading your explantion of what happened. Great stories and great memories you're all creating together! The pics of the 4 of you on the beach are great! Love your outfits!