Sunday, October 11, 2009

walden farm field trip

We had Lilly's annual field trip to Walden Farm on a very muddy day. All I could think about all day were the rain boots sitting at home in Lilly's closet, and that I was not smart enough to think to bring them. It was MUDDY. The kids still loved it and it was actually really nice to be cool--last year we were so hot. Lilly said a special prayer that morning asking God to keep it from raining, and he did, so she was in awe of her answered prayer all day. I know we'll have to go back and take Mamie--she keeps asking when her class is going to get to go to the pumpkin farm :( We love Walden Farm!
Ms. Gloria's class

I know this picture is blurry, but I still loved it. Lilly has always been terrified of the little hay maze they have for kids. Last year I had to crawl through and get her out because she was crying about halfway through and wouldn't move. She's usually pretty brave about things. Anyway, she's obviously over her fear and loved it this year.

Looking at the cute little calves. Our guide this year failed to explain to the kids that "this is where hamburgers come from, kids." THANK GOODNESS!

on the hayride, sitting by her buddy Jack

playing in the corn with Ellie

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chesley said...

we went this past Sunday & it was craaaazy crowded (& muddy). That was the 1st time we'd visited there & really liked it. my pics are all of the backs of heads though! yours are really cute. claire is not obsessed with "punkins."