Sunday, October 11, 2009


This has been the strangest fall weather I can remember, but we've managed to catch a few pretty days and take advantage of the sunshine and cool weather. Last weekend, Cheekwood was free, so I took the girls to look at the scarecrows. They had a lot of fun, but you may want to read up on Mark Twain before you go. There were so many Tom Sawyer and Mark Twain themed scarecrows. I got pretty exhausted trying to explain who the white-haired scarecrows with the mustaches and books were... and why the scarecrows were whitewashing the fence. There were few that they understood without an explanation, and we all had a good time just walking around in the beautiful gardens.

The Nashville Zoo "Meerkat scarecrow"--my favorite. I didn't realize Lilly was holding her shirt up when I took the picture...

"Crow White and the seven pumpkins" was Lilly's favorite

I wanted a picture of the girls standing by the fountain but Mamie wouldn't get in the picture.

Here she is making a face and trying to arch out of the picture. She does NOT want me taking her picture these days.

Riding bikes in the cul-de-sac across from our house

Scole came out to get a little bit of exercise too.

Sweet sisters.

Lilly pulling Mamie up the big hill--She told me, "Mommy, I learned about helping at church this morning." Thank you, Sunday School teachers. Can I please get you to do a lesson on not fighting with your mommy over clothes every morning? If you see my child in anything other than a dress or skirt, please know that it was a major struggle to get it on her. She will not wear pants, shorts, jeans, or leggings without a fight.

Mamie was the "mommy" when the girls were playing house (which is about all they ever do), so Lilly had to help fix Mamie's hair, earrings, necklace, and high heels. Not sure why they never pick earrings that match...

feeding the ducks at Centennial with Julia and Morgan

and here's Mamie while we're getting the group shot.


The Roper's said...

The pic of her holding her shirt up makes me laugh! And I would have been clueless to the scarecrows! Must have not read those summer reading books :) And I so understand you about the clothes...battle here too.

Cristie said...

Love all the fall photos! This weather has been so messed up, warm and rainy, cold and rainy, hot and humid, you never know what you are going to get. I will keep my eye out for the Bama cheerleading outfit, I found Lola's at the Otter Creek sale for $7.

Dee-Dee said...

Cheekwood is so pretty! Great pictures! Believe it or not, I have my clothes battle with Beau, not Abby! It is so frustrating! All he wants to wear is "soft pants" (sweat pants) and a Cars or superhero t-shirt. Nice. If I pull out anything else, he asks if we are going to church. What? No...