Tuesday, December 30, 2008

christmas 2008

Christmas morning was so much fun! The girls are at such fun ages right now. Mamie was really excited and talked a lot about Santa and what she wanted (baby, new stroller, horsey, and Cinderella). Lilly has been so excited about Christmas this year--she even walked into the kitchen while I was cooking a few days before Christmas and said, "Mom, I love Christmas so much it makes me get tears in my eyes when I think about it." It was so much fun watching them open all of their presents. Santa brought their gifts to my mom and dad's house and we stayed in Huntsville for three days. It was nice to relax and visit (and eat!) with my parents. Lilly got a camera from my mom and dad and has already taken about 250 pictures. Some of them are pretty interesting. Of course, it wouldn't be a Carman Christmas unless someone got sick! (Lilly two years ago, Jon last year, Mamie this year.) We ended our vacation by driving straight from Huntsville to the Pediatrician's office in Nashville where Mamie was diagnosed with a double ear infection. Oh well! It was a great Christmas season and I'm a little sad it's over.
Lilly looking at what Santa brought.

One of Mamie's favorites--A Fisher Price purse with "lipstick" in it. She puts her lipstick on about 20 times a day.

Looking at all the baby stuff Santa brought

Lilly opening her stocking. We made her wait until after lunch and she could hardly stand it.

ring pops! can you tell our girls have a sweet tooth?

Another fun thing Santa brought--pop beads. We've been making jewelry for everyone..the dog,

and daddy :)

Lilly spent a lot of time dancing in my mom's living room to her new princess songs CD. Mamie is a little copycat. She tries to do everything Lilly does.

Our almost complete family picture. My poor dad had surgery on his face the week before Christmas and wasn't exactly looking like himself.

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Zach and Kim said...

jon and his beads are hilarious. I could not quit laughing. glad yall had fun.