Tuesday, December 30, 2008

snow and the gingerbread house

We were so excited to finally get some snow! I think we got at least three inches here and I was so excited about it, the girls and I put on our snow gear and headed out to play in it at 8:00 that night.

Mamie was more excited about her pockets than the snow.

standing beside the neighbor's snowmen the next morning. I was glad we went out in it the night before because it melted so fast the next day.

Lilly wore her cousin Dylan's old snowsuit and Mamie had Lilly's old one. I love hand-me-downs :)

nightime snowman building

getting ready to go out and play!

The Saturday after the snow, Sassy took Lilly to make a gingerbread house. Aunt Kim and Hollis also went, so I only have her pictures. Anyway, we didn't really know it was going to be such an elaborate family affair. Next year I am definitely planning on going. Lilly had a wonderful time and got to spend the night with Sassy all by herself the night before. Of course, no overnight trip to Sassy's is complete without a trip to Cool Springs, which Lilly and Mamie both refer to as "Sassy's mall" since she always takes them there.
Lilly drinking her sprite with Sassy and Hollis

A proud Lilly beside her gingerbread house. It actually turned out really cute.

When I got to Sassy's house to pick her up, Lilly told me, "Mom, I ate a bunch of candy. I mean a BUNCH of candy." I think it was one on the house, two in the mouth...

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Missy said...

her house looks great!!! ours was SO bad!!