Tuesday, December 30, 2008

christmas eve

We always celebrate Christmas with Jon's family on Christmas Eve. Unfortunately, Jon had to work late and didn't get there until about 8:30. Lilly and Mamie got to open a few presents early while we were waiting. Uncle Jeff and Aunt Kellye gave them the most entertaining toy of the night--a giant dragon tent with tunnels. They loved it, and so did Hollis. We had a great meal, listened to the carolers (I am always one of the ones who gets stuck answering the door), opened lots of presents, and then hit the road for Huntsville so Santa could come to CJ and Pop's house.
Popping out of the top of the dragon. I don't think Uncle Jeff got the memo about us moving into a SMALLER house (ha ha)

Uncle Zach, Aunt Kim, and cousin Hollis

Hollis is getting around pretty well these days

Oh, and Santa has a habit of calling Lilly on Christmas Eve while we're at Sassy's house. This year he called her to tell her he knew she would be at CJ and Pop's house and that he was bringing her toys there. Lilly is so nonchalant about it you would think she had just gotten off the phone with me. We were all standing there like, "Well, who was it?" and she just went, "Oh, Santa called me to tell me some stuff." and ran off. No big deal.

Mamie and Uncle Branson

Lilly showing off her new Tinkerbell dress and wings from Sassy and Papa Al. She was dying for them and had been talking about wanting them for weeks. She helped Sassy pick out Mamie's ballerina outfit for Christmas.

Mamie feeding her baby Cinderella with Sassy

Aunt Kellye and Hollis

Lilly and Aunt Kristin

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Anonymous said...

That picture of Jon is hysterical!!!
-Kellye and Jeff