Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas with cousins

16 little kids and one on the way! We had Christmas with my mom's side of the family at their farm. It's so crazy and so much fun. My mom's brother and his wife have 14 great-grandchildren and one more on the way. They are so sweet to include Lilly and Mamie along with their great-grandkids. Lilly calls my uncle "Pop Aston" just like all the other kids do. It's a little confusing, but very sweet to me since my girls don't have any great-grandparents still living on my side of the family. The food is always wonderful and the kids play so well together.

just a glimpse as the gift opening begins

My mom and dad, her brother Jimmy and my Aunt Betty (AKA Pop and Mom Aston)

I tried all day to get a picture of Ty, Lexi, and Mamie, and they would NOT cooperate.

One of these things is not like the other one...

Do you notice anything??? Maybe that Ellie and Carly Beth have giant, flashy keyboards with a stand, and Lilly is holding her TINY version as she stands next to them? Her mommy did not do a good job :( I felt terrible. My uncle gives us money each year to go buy their gifts. Tressa and I had talked and I knew that she and Christi were getting keyboards and microphones for their girls. I thought that was a great idea and knew that Lilly would love that and they would also love having the same (ha ha) thing to play with. So, I went to buy the keyboard and microphone. I knew theirs came from Toys R Us, but I didn't have time to drive from Lebanon to Cool Springs that day, so I opted for Target. I found this cute little pink keyboard and a separate microphone and decided she would love them. When I saw Ellie open her gift, I knew I had screwed up. I wanted to go hide under something. I felt so sorry for Lilly, but she really didn't seem to notice at all and seemed to have just as much fun with her little one. Thank goodness. Next year I'll remember that it's worth the drive to get the right thing!

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No worries the little one will be easier to store:)