Thursday, May 22, 2008

gone fishin'

As a reward (one of many) for getting rid of her blanket, Jon surprised Lilly with a Dora the Explorer fishing pole a few weeks ago. He's been wanting to take her fishing for a while but the weather hasn't been cooperating on his days off. Tuesday he picked her up from school, went to buy crickets at the bait shop, and headed to his grandparents farm to fish in the river there. They caught tons of fish and she had the best time. I thought she might freak out about the crickets or having an actual fish on the end of her line, but she loved it. She has talked about it to anyone that will listen. She caught about five little blue gill. He didn't have our camera, but took a picture with his phone. (thanks, uncle Branson for getting it off the phone and emailing it to us!) I think we may have a little angler on our hands. Here she is showing off her fish--so proud!

Not too many fishermen wear their Lilly Pulitzer dress, gold flip flops, and a bracelet to fish.
This picture looks nothing like Lilly to me--maybe it's the camera phone, but it's very strange.


The Adcocks said...

To cute! I'm making my blog private. Can you email me and I will add you to the list. My email is

Courtney said...

That is funny! She is the perfect mix of girly girly and tomboy...just like her mommy!

Dee-Dee said...

That is so cute. A real girl looks her best at all times, right? I love it when daddies spend time with their little girls - it is just so sweet.

kma said...

LOve that fish picture! I have one similar of Addie & Ward! Love those daddy/daughter trips! Kelly Austin