Tuesday, May 20, 2008

mother's day

This Mother's Day I have spent a lot of time thinking about the incredible responsibility of being entrusted with these two little perfect souls.
Am I making the right choices with how I discipline our children? Am I helping them build a strong relationship with God? Am I teaching them to be kind and caring and empathetic towards others? Will they always be able to see past people's outward appearances? Will they feel the enourmous pressure to be like and look like everyone else? Will they make wise and spirit-led decisions as they mature? Will they feel passionate about helping those in need? Will they be too consumed with "things?" Will they surround themselves with the right friends? Will they make the right decision even when no one is there to see? Will I be able to keep them safe from harm in today's very scary world?
I am so blessed to have these two sweet girls and I pray that I will be able to make the right decisions as a parent.

My two sweet girls. One funny note--since "mother's day" Lilly has been calling me "mother" constantly. "Mama" and "mommy" have fallen by the wayside and been replaced (unfortunately) with "mother." I'm hoping it's only a phase...

How we spent our mother's day

Playing with Pop in the gravel around the fountain in my parents' backyard. Lilly always uses the binoculars while we're there (turned around backwards) to look for birds in the woods.

Mamie and CJ playing with bubbles. Mamie does NOT ever want any help, which makes for very messy bubble time.

For Mother's Day this year, we decided (Jon's idea, actually) to surprise my mom at church in Huntsville Sunday morning. That meant waking up at 5:30 to get everyone and everything out the door in time to make it to church at 9:00. My mom was so surprised and happy it made it all worthwhile. I could read her mind when we walked into the auditorium. She didn't see us until we were standing right beside her, but she was surrounded by families whose children and grandchildren had all come home for Mother's Day and hers hadn't (she thought). It was a great way to spend the day. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful mother. She is truly my best friend and I can't imagine not being able to call her on the phone to talk at least twice a day. I love you mom!

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Courtney said...

YOu are such a good mommy...HOw fun that you surprised your mom! Way to go Jon! :) I know she was just thrilled. YOu might be the only person I know that talks more to her my mom than I do. I am a witness to the 10 calls a day - it's great!