Tuesday, May 27, 2008

wet & wild

On Memorial Day, all of my family went to my cousins' farm for lunch. There were 41 people there counting all of the kids. There are so many little ones that are the same age--it is so much fun anytime we get together. The kids swam and played on a huge slip and slide. I think Mamie liked the slip & slide even more than Lilly did. She was out there with all of the big kids trying to slide down by herself. After lunch it started pouring so we had to move inside, but that didn't seem to stop any of the fun. As usual, we had great food and wonderful homemade ice cream!
Congratulations to my parents who celebrated their 35th anniversary on Monday!

Cal, Ellie, Carly Beth, and Lilly dancing together and playing "ring around the rosie."

Ellie and Lilly dancing while Kerry played the guitar and sang. Lilly takes her dancing seriously. Her favorite show is "Dancing with the Stars."

Ellie sitting in one of the buckets that held the plastic down for the slip and slide

Lilly "helping" Mamie get to the slide

Mamie standing at the bottom ready to go again while Eli slides by

At the end of the slide--how sad

This is how Lilly kept posing when I tried to take her picture. Pretty funny. She sure didn't learn how to pose in a swimsuit from her mommy.

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Amy said...

Your girls are so precious! Seeing these pics remind me of Rachel & Claire at those ages. Which doesn't seem like ten years ago!!