Tuesday, January 5, 2010

christmas eve (aka "scooter day")

Jon's family always celebrates on Christmas Eve night. This year, Santa had all of his presents ready for the Carman girls, and I was all finished with my shopping, when we went to play at Livi and Grant's house about 2 weeks before Christmas and they had a scooter from learning express. It just happened that the very next day we were going to see Santa at the mall. For months Lilly's Christmas list read, "American Girl doll, Barbies, Tag books, etc." and Mamie's was, "crawling baby and baby stuff." What do you think they both told Santa they wanted? A SCOOTER like Livi and Grant's. They were OBSESSED. Anyway, Sassy saved the day by getting one for Mamie for Christmas. Lilly is hoping for one for her birthday--we'll see. I don't know if I can handle 2 scooters doing laps in our little house. They literally take tuns riding it around the house constantly. They love it. It really is neat and so easy to maneuver around on. So anyway, back to Christmas...
Mamie and the infamous scooter

Lilly and Sassy

Aunt Kristin and Uncle Branson gave Mamie a HUGE coloring book and set of markers. She LOVES to color. She was getting more than a little bit stressed about having to share her coloring book with Hollis.

Opening presents with Uncle Jeff and Aunt Kellye

Mamie showing her new robe to Hollis and checking out his new wheels.

Aunt Kellye helping Lilly with her new Barbie make-up set

still on the scooter... we had to make her stop to open her other gifts

Look what Papa Al got! :)

Jon's mom got all the guys some new Christmas PJ's. Notice who the real Grinches are...the Carman men wouldn't model theirs for us ;-)

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Angie said...

okay, three things:
1. Love all the pics. It looks like y'all had a great Christmas!
2. That is the very FIRST time I have ever seen what "Papa Al" looks like!
3. I am still laughing about the baby jesus in the cradle - hilarious! :-)