Sunday, January 24, 2010

easy bakin'

We got out the easy bake oven again tonight and I have decided that from now on, I will ignore the directions completely. The cookie on the left was baked according to the time on the mix. The one on the right was baked a little over half as long. When we finally got the time right, they were actually really good. Of course you get to add the white frosting and the pink sugar crystals that come with it. That was definitely the best part. We got to have a tasty dessert tonight made by the girls--and there's no worry of overeating :) One cookie per family member.
Scole got the burned one. He didn't mind :)

I have heard that there are ways to use regular cake mixes and portion them out to easy-bake size. Does anyone know the recipes or amounts for this? It would be a LOT cheaper.


kristy said...

when I was little, I baked the icing instead of the cakemix. My cousin was so mad at me b/c I wasted the icing! back then, you had to send off for refills in the mail!

caroline G said...

FUN!!! Ah, an easy bake oven. We had one growing up. I don't remember that we ever got refills...Just used it up and then done. I bet you can google the cake mix thing.